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Snorkeling reinvented with the AquaBuddy®

With unique floating device and mouthpiece

Always fresh air while remaing under water

Works even in wild water

Unique floating device

Snorkeling reinvented with the AquaBuddy and it’s unique floating device. Always fresh air from the surface while remaing under water. The floating device has a air intake system which prevents water from outside coming into the system. Even in wild water.

Unique mouthpiece

The unique mouthpiece with 3-valve system ensures that fresh air can be inhaled and dead air is blown out into the water. If water should come into the system it can be removed just by blowing out. The mouthpiece gives you fresh air and the freedom to snorkel freely.

Snorkeling reinvented

Snorkel deeper, longer, safer and with a lot more fun. The combination of the floating device and moutpiece makes it possible to snorkel deeper than with a regualar snorkel. The free breathing dept is approximately 0,5 meter without resistance. 

The floating device also offers extra safety because of the great visability in the water.